Day 60...Relative Distance


This morning, it took us longer than usual to pack up and start hiking. We started about 20 minutes later than normal.  We typically start at 6:00 am. Today was a very pleasant day, clear weather and for the most part, easy terrain. Funny how after doing 20 mile days, a 30 mile day seems really challenging. And after doing a 30 mile day,  20 miles seems easy. Same goes for 30 (not easy, but not nearly as hard) and 40 mile days.  

We are entering the middle part of the journey where some days seem uneventful and it is hard to think about what to write.  I just finished listening to The Hobbit.  I can really relate to the length of their journey.   

This afternoon, I was able to talk to my brother Max and dad for the first time in a week, since they had finished their canoeing adventure at Northern Tier in the boundary waters of Minnesota near Canada. They talked about how a curious black bear entered their campsite, but one of the leaders scared it away. We haven't encountered any bears on the trail since Shenandoah Valley.  

At the shelter tonight, we met Anonymous, Tall Pine, Poppins, and Blue Ridge. At this shelter, like the Partnership Shelter, you could order pizza, so we did.  We enjoyed one 16 inch split between the two of us while eating it on our comfortable camp furniture.


Miles: 32.0

Stealth Camp Site to 501 Shelter, PA

Location: Latitude: 40.51318, Longitude: -76.34650