Day 30...Reflections


I awoke in the hostel to the sound of someone going towards the restroom.  When I looked at my watch,  it was 5:35 am, only 5 min before the alarm was supposed to go off. I got up and woke David. We packed up our gear and left the hostel for the trail.

We only saw a couple of people on trail today.  Most were sobo (southbound) section hikers. Wanimal passed us around 10 am and we waved as he hiked past. A good chunk of today was walking near and sometimes on the Virginia Creeper Trail where we saw lots of people zooming down the trail on bikes.

Today I thought of the time I was hiking with Kate, at the start of this expedition. When we would arrive at the shelters at night, she talked more than I did by far.  Which was great, because I could sit there writing down their stories. She was great company to have on the trail. We both had no idea what we were doing, so we learned together.  Now I pass what I have learned to David. It's a very different hike with someone who has just started, after already being on the trail for a month.  But it has been and most likely will continue to be a blast.

When we got to the campsite we were going to stay at, it was completely empty; so we cooked and set up the tent and went to bed around 7:45 pm.

Miles: 21.8

The Place Hostel to Whitetop Mountain

Location: Latitude: 36.63299, Longitude: -81.60172