Day 51...Philmont Friends


Plant and I were debating getting up at 5 am, but decided instead to get up at our normal time. We had another beautiful day of hiking.  Bonnie and Gas-Tank (Riley as his trail name became) woke up around 6:15.  

Today, mom’s best friend from Philmont Scout Ranch, Therese, is going to pick up Bonnie and Gas-Tank and drive them back to her house near Washington DC. She also wanted to visit with Plant and I on the trail. One thing we all have in common is Philmont.  Mom and Dad met at Philmont, David and I shared a Philmont Trek and did Rayado, Therese and Mom worked there as did Bonnie, and Riley hiked there as a Scout .

As Plant and I needed to begin making up mileage, the plan was for Bonnie and Gas-Tank to hike to a point where the trail and road intersect by 3:00 in the afternoon.  We were to do the same, however, we would hike further up the trail, but stop at the same time.  

We got to the Elkwallow Wayside  around 2:45 which was 16 miles or so from were we spent the night. I realized that we did not have a phone signal to let Therese know where we were. I found a pay phone, first time I ever used one. It cost 1 dollar for each 4 minutes (or one call). I tried to call Therese, but got a voice mail, and the same with Riley's phone. It was starting to get expensive when I called my dad's phone figuring he could text them. My mom answered, and I gave her my

message and hoped for the best. There would be no way for me to know if it worked since I had no signal. 

Just 15 minutes later Therese and her husband Rick, Bonnie and Gas-Tank, drove up and broke out all kinds of food, it was incredible. They had a pizza for each of us, fresh home made cake (because of Gas-Tank’s birthday), fruit, vegetables, and a bunch of extra food for us to take on the trail. It turned out that Allie  (the lady that saved us in Troutville), was the youth director at the same church as Therese.  Allie had discovered our blog when Therese shared it on Facebook. Lucky for us!

After filling up to the bursting point, and we can eat a lot, we shared the left-overs with some lucky hikers.  When Bonnie and everyone left, we gave ourselves a little time for the food to digest, and then we headed off too.

We arrived at the shelter at 7:10 and ate some of the oranges we had packed up, they were great. There were only a few others staying in the shelter and a lot of people staying in tents. When we hiked

up, they were talking up about the upcoming sections of the trail and how there is a place in the next few days called the Roller Coaster. That should be interesting. We met a man named Running Dude, who offered us a ride into the town of Front Royal tomorrow.  We plan on resupplying there. 

Miles: 24.8

Stealth Site to Gravel Springs Hut

Location: Latitude: 38.93073, Longitude: -78.03268