Day 27...Saving Private Jif

Today was very muddy from all of the rain the previous days, but there weren't any really big mountains to hike over, which offered a nice break. We chugged along at a steady rate of 2 miles an hour for the entire day.

We crossed the 400 mile mark about 150 yards from were we set up camp last night!


We stopped for lunch at a really pretty overlook.   The menu was peanut butter and tortillas. As we were getting ready to eat, David set the jar of peanut butter on what looked like a flat surface.  However, after about 30 seconds the peanut butter jar tumbled down 100 feet to the rocks below.  We could still see it, but from where we were, there wasn't any way of getting to it.

We ate our lunch of tortillas and started hiking.   After a couple minutes, we realized that the trail worked it's way really close to the peanut butter. I caught glimpses of the jar though the trees about 100 feet above and went to the rescue.   We gave the jar the name, Private Jif. So we were saving Private Jif.

After hiking to the shelter, we met Jack from Austin, which was awesome. He is from the Westlake area. He had spent most of the day at the shelter waiting for his group hikers. It turned out I had ran into at least one of them before.  His name was Oatmeal.  

Miles: 20.8

Elk River to Laurel Fork Shelter

Location: Latitude: 36.27852, Longitude: -82.13718