Day...54 Independence Celebration


Since today is the fourth of July, we decided to honor our independence by sleeping in (until 6 am). We only had about 16 miles hike to Harper's Ferry. The terrain was nice, so we were able to cruise into town at a good pace.  About four miles out of town, on the side of the trail, was a cooler full of ice and drinks for hikers. It was an awesome treat to get ice cold drinks on the trail!  Plant and I had a couple juice boxes.

When we got to Harper's Ferry, we went to the ATC, the Appalachian Trail Center. Here we ran into the guys we had met at the last shelter we had stayed, the one with the dog.  Apparently, they had stopped at a point we had passed yesterday.  They hitched a ride into Harper's Ferry so they could catch the festivities. Plant and I took our picture for the Appalachian Trail yearbook.  From the book, we saw that Rain and Tahoe had arrived there earlier today. We also saw that Wanimal had gotten there about two days before.

We were talking to the guy who was running the ATC about possible accommodations in town. He said that there was a good place to go called Town's Inn and that they had a hostel, but warned that the last two nights they had been full.  We left to go see if they had room for this evening.

When we got there, we discovered that they had room. Even though it was pretty expensive, Plant and I really liked it.  The hostel had that rustic feeling. The whole town did really. Since it was a tourist town, everything was more expensive. After showering, we washed a load of laundry, and then headed out to get some food and supplies for our long day tomorrow.

After dinner we met a man named Alex, he had hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) the year before.  The PCT is longer than the AT by about 300 miles, but is a lot flatter and it is not continuous as is the AT.  It goes across the mountains from California to Washington.  People thru hike the PCT in about the same amount of time as the AT.

Tomorrow we get up at 4 am so we can hike from West Virginia through Maryland and into Pennsylvania. To hike through Maryland in one day is known as the Maryland Challenge. It is a distance of 40.5 miles. Should be fun. There is a good chance that there will be a delay in the blog.

Miles: 16.0

Stealth Campsite to Town's Inn, Harper's Ferry