Day 50...A perfect Birthday


Today, Plant and I awoke at the normal time (5:30).  We had thought that Bonnie and Riley (we slept in the shelter and they slept in their tent) were going to get up at that time as well, even though we had planned a very short day. It turned out we had a slight miscommunication, and they got up around 6:00. It wasn't bad, as it gave me time to write down some of my thoughts.


We hiked quickly today.  Bonnie and Riley are beginning to get their trail legs. It was super beautiful and cool for the first half of the day, later it was just beautiful.  With all of the freeze dried food, Riley is beginning to earn his trail name - Bad Gas or just Gas.

We got to the Big Meadow Wayside, where we planned on getting a couple days of food and an early lunch. The store was very overpriced, ramen noodles which normally cost $0.18 were $0.48 here. But the diner was good and since it was Gas's birthday, Bonnie bought him a hostess cupcake. We put a match in it and we all sang happy birthday. As we were singing, the waitress came over to bring us our food, and looked at the sad little cupcake.  She said she could bring out some actual desserts if he wanted, which of course he did.

For Gas's birthday, she brought us one bowl of vanilla ice cream, one bowl of blackberry ice cream, peanut butter pie, and blackberry cobbler;

more than enough for all four of us.  Later, once we got the bill, we saw that she did not include any of the desserts. That was her generous gift to Gas (and the rest of us).  We thanked her and left a generous tip.

We spent a total of 2 1/2 hours visiting at the Wayside. With all the dessert, we needed to give the food some time to digest.

This evening after we finished dinner in camp,  I pulled out some jiffy pop popcorn that I had bought when we stopped for lunch.  I tried to cook it over our little alcohol stove, but it only popped about half the kernals. We ate the popcorn and went to bed very satisfied around 8 pm.

Miles 14.6

Bearfence Mountain Shelter to Stealth Camp Site

Location: Latitude: 38.57904, Longitude: -78.38491