Day 49...Coming to Terms


Today went without a hitch.  Beautiful weather, no problems.  We began our day at 6:15 am and arrived at Bearfence Shelter around 7:00 pm. We did not see any bears while hiking, but we did see a big snake on the edge of the trail. Everyone but David, walked right past the snake without even noticing.  It makes me wonder how many other animals we may have walked past that our watching us without us being aware of their presence.

On the AT, there are many terms that are specific to the trail, I will tell you all about some trail hiking lingo we learned during our time on the AT.

Zero Day: When you take a full day off of backpacking.

Nero day: When you close a short hike usually into a town.

Nobo: North bound hiker.

Sobo: South bound hiker.

Flip Flop: (not a political term) Is when you start out hiking north, and then around halfway thru the AT fly (by airplane) to the other end of the trail and hike in the opposite direction. People do this so they can hike later into the year.  

Yo-Yo Hiker: Hiking from Georgia to Maine and then back to Georgia. Rarely attempted.

Thru hiker: Hiking from Georgia to Maine or the other way around.

Section Hiker: Hikers that are doing a one section of the trail. Plant is technically a section hiker, since he is not hiking the entire trail.  However, he is doing a really big section, 1,800 miles.

Miles 20.6

Pinefield Gap Shelter to Bearfence Shelter.