Day 48...more bears

Today we got on the trail 4 hours earlier than the day before. We started at 6ish. We also hiked a lot faster today, which was nice.

In the Shenandoah's, instead of shelters, they have huts; which are the same as shelters just a different name.  Around 2 pm, we had hiked to Loft Mountain Camp Store.  There was a trail that split off of the AT and was only 0.4 miles to the store. Or if you were to keep hiking on the AT, it would be about 1.1 miles.  Bonnie and Riley took the short cut.  Plant and I kept to the trail.

We saw another bear.  It was just sitting about 10 yards off of the trail looming at us. I was eating a granola bar at the time and said jokingly to Plant, "Here, I will give you my granola bar and you can go feed it to the bear".  He did not go for it, and neither did the bear, so we kept hiking.

When Plant and I got to the store, we did not see Bonnie or Riley. We thought we had arrived first. We purchased a breakfast that we would need and asked the clerk if they carried any 123 lithium batteries. (We need them for our steri pin, aka, the magic wand for water purification). The clerk said that they did not, and he said that the last people who were looking for the batteries had asked just a while ago on their way to Wayside. I asked if those people had also bought fuel, he said yes; and then he described Bonnie and Riley. So we hiked to Wayside, which from how he described, made it sound like it was just down the hill. Turned out, it was a mile down the hill. When we got down there, we met up with Bonnie and Riley.

We hiked to Pinefield Hut around 6 pm.  At the shelter, we met Supreme Commander, Mary, Dennis, and Jennifer. They were all one group hiking for 5 days in the Shenandoah's. They said that between the group, they had 4 fake hips and 1 artificial knee.  They decided that they were going to hike it this year, since it was the first time in a long time that Jennifer could walk properly. Jennifer and Dennis are both middle school teachers.


Miles 20.4

Stealth Camp site to Pinefield Hut

Location:Latitude: 38.29060, Longitude: -78.64572