Day 47...A Bear! Two Bears!!!

20170627_184710 (1).jpg

We climbed into the car and headed off to the trailhead about 30 minutes later than we wanted.  Five minutes down the road, I looked at my watch and realized it wasn't there. So we turned around and headed back to the ranch to pick it up. We finally arrived at the trailhead at 10 am.

It is very different to hike in a group.  We talked a lot more and were much louder. Bonnie told me that she just changed jobs to a new one working as a marketing assistant at PI Architects. She is going to start a couple days after she gets home. Which is awesome, because I also work there part time as the Director of Miscellaneous.

I expected to see more people once we got into the Shenandoah's, but we really didn't. We only met 5 backpackers today. However, we did see 2 bears, and they weren't small!  The first one we saw was right after we crossed a road and he was running away from us. The second bear we ran into about 30 minutes later.  We heard someone up the trail yelling. David who was at the front of our line, stopped and said, look it's a bear. The bear looked at us, then took off into the woods.

As we normally do when first arrive at camp, David and I got our food bag out and took everything out so we could get what we needed for dinner. We never can seem to do anything at the end of the day without completely emptying our packs.

It was very nice to be able to slow it down, this day was very relaxing. If only we could just hike like 15 miles each day and still finish in time to go back to school!

Miles: 13.2

Location: Latitude: 38.14008, Longitude: -78.77822
Rockfish Gap to unofficial camp site