Day 46...Waynesboro Goal


Today, Plant and I slept in till 6:00 am, it was great. All we had to do was about 18 miles to the Gap, where we could then hitch hike into town.

The hike went smoothly.  We only stopped twice, and that was for what we called going on a adventure (going number 2 in the woods), and then for lunch. 


When I got to Rockfish Gap, which is 1 mile from were the Shenandoah National Park begins, a lady pulled up and asked if I needed a ride into town.  I said yes, but I was waiting on someone.  She drove off, and not a minute later Plant arrived. So, we had to hitch hike. On our way to the place where we needed to stick out our thumbs, there was a popcorn truck. We bought what turned out to be too much Chicago style popcorn, a mix of caramel and cheese, it was very tasty.

We were lucky and landed a ride in less than 5 minutes, with an older gentlemen, who was out with his hiking club. He asked where we are from and we told him "Austin Tx".  He than shared that he used to work in Austin for an asphalt researcher. He dropped us off at the Wal-Mart. 

Since Plant and I did not really have a plan as far as what groceries we needed, we went over to a pizza place across the street, and planned out our next resupply point.

My Aunt Astrid and Uncle Tuttle picked us up when we had finished shopping, and took us to their ranch about 20 minutes outside of Waynesboro.  When we got there, they showed us around and headed to pick up Bonnie and Riley from the airport in Charlottesville, VA

For 45 minutes, Plant and I, just kind of sat there and stared. Finally, we decided to divide up all the food and take showers. We met Cutch who 'plays anything with strings' and his kids who stay in the guest house. He was busy teaching music lessons and and band practice. We met his four kids:  Bèla, Finn, Sawyer, and Sage.

By the time Bonnie and Riley arrived, it was about 9 o'clock.  It was 10 pm, when we finished dinner.  I haven't been up that late since before I left on this expedition.

Plant and I stayed in the guest house and Bonnie and Riley in the main house. 

Miles 17.6
Some where on the AT around mile marker (844.3) to Rockfish Gap.

Location: Latitude: 38.14008, Longitude: -78.77822