Day44...the Plant


Today we focused on hiking.  We got up with the sun and started hiking. We kept hiking until we stopped to fill up water, and then afterwards to eat lunch. We hiked until 6:30 pm when we cooked and ate dinner and then hiked until we arrived at the camp site as the sun was setting.  We set up camp as quickly as we could and went to bed.


David got his trail name today, his name is Robert Plant, or 'Plant'.  He says he is going to try it on for a few days and see if it fits. Apparently he was hiking and a man on the trail said, "Hey look it's Robert Plant". Our trail family name is the 'Austin Boys' given to us by Jack's Dad.


Nick, from work, wanted me to start reading scary stories of the Appalachian Trail to add interest as we are hiking up to shelters as it is getting dark.  So note the marker we came across to Little Ottie below. Apparently Little Ottie attended a one room school and after an early cold spell was sent by his teacher with the rest of the students to look for firewood in the woods. Little Ottie did not return.  He is now known for being the youngest person to climb Bluff Mountain alone. 

The blogs for today and tomorrow are on the shorter side, due to us getting into camp late and leaving early.

Tomorrow we will try to do 30 miles.

Miles 26.4

Location: Latitude: 37.75980, Longitude: -79.19556

Johns Hollows Shelter to Hog Camp