Day 40...Dragon's Tooth

Today we attempted to backpack the same distance as yesterday, 27 miles.  But unlike yesterday, we didn't quite make it.

It was very beautiful as we hiked over ridges with stunning views, and some iconic points, including Audie Murphy's Monument, and Dragon's Tooth Stone Monument.  Audie Murphy was the most decorated soldier in World War II, recieving every medal of valor offered by the US Army. And Dragon's Tooth which required scrambling up rock faces all while taking in amazing views.  

The terrain was really tough coming down from Dragon's Tooth.  All the rocks caused us to go slower than we planned.  By 6:45 pm, I realized that if we were to push on to our next planned shelter 2.4 miles away, we would be getting there after 8 pm.  We had started hiking this morning shortly after 6:00 am, so we had a long day.  I waited for David to catch up, and told him we should camp at Catawba Shelter rather than pushing ahead.  We got to camp at 7:30 pm.


When we were about halfway through cooking dinner, Rain and Tahoe came to the shelter.  After a short visit, they pushed on to the next shelter, the one we were planning on going to.  I figured that we could push and get there with them, but we would still have to hike 26.6 miles the next day.  That wasn't something I wanted to attempt after the really long days we had just finished.

Today, we passed the 700 mile mark, now with less than 1,500 miles to Mt. Katahdin in Maine.

Miles 24.7

Niday Shelter to Catawba Mountain Shelter

Location: Latitude: 37.38795, Longitude: -80.05701