Day 22...After effects


Today was a fairly quiet.  Wanimal and I started hiking around 6:30 am and cruised until lunch, where we stopped at the Little Lorel Shelter.

After eating, we headed out separately. I left Little Lorel about 15 min after Wanimal. I needed to hike slower after lunch, due to stomach cramps from yesterday's hamburger, which had not yet quite made it through my system. 

It was around 4:00 in the afternoon when I arrived to the shelter I planned to stay the night. Surprisingly, Wanimal was sitting there waiting. Apparantly, even with a slower pace, I still was only 15 min behind him. After visiting for a while, he decided that he was going to push on and see how far he could get that day.   So we parted ways for the second time. There is a good chance I will catch up to him sooner or later since he is planning a zero day in Damascus, VA.

After Wanimals departure, I was the only one at the shelter for a good hour or so, until a guy hiked in by the name of Toni. He and I visited. Apparently , he and two of his friends set out hiking for a long weekend, going from Sam's Gap to Hot Springs. Toni had out-hike the other guys in his group and made it to the shelter that they had planned on spending the night. But his friends were nowhere to be seen. 

We decided to make a fire, to keep the bugs away, and to give us some thing to do.

If his friends ever made it to the shelter, it was after I went to bed. One of the nice things about the AT is, unless specifically told not to, you can set up your tent wherever you want. That is what we think happened to his friends.  Tomorrow, I may run into them, sometime in the morning.

Miles: 22.3

Spring Mountain Shelter to Flint Mountain Shelter

Location: Latitude: 36.03489, Longitude: -82.59686