Day 39...Roller Coaster


This is day two of our new plan to make up time on the trail.  Today's hike was similar to a roller coaster; up over the top of ridges and down into and through valleys and all over again.  It was very long day, challenging, but uneventful. We passed the largest tree on the trail.

When we arrived at the shelter, we ran into Rain and Tahoe. We were not expecting to see them for a couple of more days. They told us they did 6 miles the day the we parted ways, and then 27 miles the next day.

For dinner, I was cooking the ramen noodles when I accidentally knocked the stove over.  The alcohol spilled all over the place and my reaction was super slow.  Luckily, Tahoe was faster and poured water all over it to smother the flames.

We also met a man named Jared who was doing a documentary a about his trip on the AT. He was very interested in the UV light that we use for purifying our drinking water; aka, the magic wand.


Miles 27.0

Bailey's Gap Shelter to Niday Shelter

Location: Latitude: 37.38753, Longitude: -80.26410