Day 38...New Plan

We began our day around 5:30 am and crept out of the hostel so we did not wake anyone else up.  To get to the trail, we had to hike about a mile through town to the trailhead.

Today was the first day of our revised plan.  We are currently around 51 miles behind our original schedule.  Our new plan has us getting to Waynesboro in 9 days, some 230 miles from Pearisburg, VA.  We are meeting my sister Bonnie and her husband Riley at my Aunt Astrid's house in Waynesboro, VA.  They will be joining us for the hike through Shenandoah National Park.

Not much happened today. I listened to audio books for a good part of the day, starting with Crucible of Command, about Lee and Grant in the Civil War. I am also listening to the Code Talkers, about the Navajo Indians creating the unbreakable code in World War II.

Before I left on the AT, Nick from work encouraged me to listen to some good books while on the trail.  So far, I have listened to the following:


Chris Kyle's autobiography - American History Through 10 Guns, Everest 1953, Rocket Boys, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Star Wars the Perfect Weapon,  Star Wars Darth Bane, Boys in the Boat, Band of Brothers, Red Badge of Courage, and Lone Survivor.

We ran into Jack's Dad when we stopped for lunch.  He asked us if we had remembered that it was Father's Day.  We did remember.  I sent my Dad a message that morning before we left town, and David called his Dad the previous day, since he knew he was not going to have a signal today.

When we got to the shelter, it turned out to be full, so we set up our tent.

I want to wish my Dad Happy Father's Day again. Thank you so much for supporting me on my biggest expedition yet. Hopefully you can come on my next one!

Miles 24.4

Pearisburg to Bailey Gap Shelter

Location: Latitude: 37.40099, Longitude: -80.57733