Day 37...the Great (TP) Expedition

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Today was David's first "nearo" day which is when you only hike for part of the day into a town or hostel. Which is what we did, only hiking 8 miles today into Pearisburg VA. When we arrived at the trail head, we caught up with Tahoe and Rain just as they were about to get a ride into town. The couple they were riding with offered us a ride as well, if we could fit.  It was a very tight squeeze, as there were only two seats and there were four of us. But we made it work, and we drove to the laundry mat.

I offered to take care of the laundry, if Tahoe and Rain wanted to buy food.  Since Rain and Tahoe were going to keep hiking after they had finished everything, they needed to get everything done in town. They walked to the Wal-Mart, which turned out to be very far away. David went to a pizza place, super close to the laundry mat, and came back after he had placed the order. He told me it would be 15-20 minutes and that he was going to wait at the over at the pizza place. I gave my sister and dad a call while I was waiting for him. About a hour later he came back and told me that the pizza was free, since they took so long to make it. Apparently, they kept getting the pizza stuck in the oven. Even after the laundry was done, my socks still stank.

After 3 hours had passed, Tahoe and Rain finally returned from their journey to Wal-Mart. It turned out that the store was about 30 minutes away and even longer coming back, because they were carrying all the food they had bought. We parted ways, however, I think we should be seeing them again soon, as they are going to take a zeroday (off day) in Troutville, about 100 miles from Pearisburg, VA.

David and I walked to the Angels Rest Hiker's Haven, where we were going to spend the night. We showered, dropped our gear, and walked over to the Food Lion, where we bought 4 days worth of food. 

The meal plan was the following per person: 


4 Pop Tarts per day, 1 protein bar


1 Tortillas and Peanut Butter, Nutella or Cheese and Jerky (not for David he is a vegetarian)


Ramen Noodles or Knorr Pasta sides. And a candy bar for dessert.


Granola bars, Trail Mix, and Swiss Rolls.

During the our shopping trip which we dubbed The Great TP (Toilet Paper) Expedition. We ran into Jack's Dad, he asked us what we were buying. He was having a hard time trying to decide what to have for breakfasts.  We told him what we bought and that even though it wasn't very healthy, we needed the calories. If anyone has any recommendations for about 1,000 plus calorie breakfast, let me know.

By the time we got back to the Hostel; a man named The Bear, from the Jungle Book,  had made a huge pot of chili and pan of corn bread.  He offered us as much as we wanted.  He is from Scotland.  The Bear is about 6' 6" tall with his head almost scraping the ceiling and he makes a killer chili. 

Miles: 8.0

Docs Knob to Angel Rest Hiker's Haven, Pearisburg

Location: Latitude: 37.33261, Longitude: -80.73453