Day Five ...the rest of the story


Today has been a pretty exciting day.  We packed up from Blue Mountain Shelter and hiked down to the road, where we hitch-hiked for the first time to the town of Hiawassee.  The town name, in case you are curious, is the Cherokee word for meadow.  John and Ghost cheered for us when we got picked up almost immediately.   The lady who picked us up was super nice and and told us about how every year she rides her bicycle with her partner for a month in  Europe.

After we arrived in town, we went to the local grocery store to buy the next 5 days worth of food. We almost bought BBQ flavored tuna. Looking back at it now, with a full belly, it was a smart choice to leave that in the store.

When we finished everything we needed to do in town,  Kate and I were able to get a ride back to Unicoi Gap. We ended up doing more miles than I originally planned, which was great; this means tomorrow we will be able to get to a place where we can take a shower!


When we got to camp, we ran into Chief again.  He said that he is going to write a book about how "not to hike the Appalachian Trail." 

We also met a man who was hiking with his dog.  One of the other ladies at the shelter showed him a photo on her phone, and he loudly exclaimed "What is that?!"  It turned out that the lady had trained her Chihuahua to smile!

Miles: 8.1

Steps 30,500

Location: Latitude: 34.80405, Longitude: -83.67685