Day 36...into the Marshes

We got up to a slow drizzle.  For the entire day, it looked like it was about to rain, but the rain held off.  While we heard much thunder throughout our hike, we never did see any lighting.  

Our trail took us through a marsh like area, where we were crossing water every tenth of a mile.  It was like playing floor lava; trying to hop from log to log without falling into the muddy trail.  David was much more successful at this game than I was; when we finished, my feet looked like prunes.


For lunch, we stopped at the side of a quiet stream. The menu was wraps again.  David told me that he had a bag of food he had forgotten to put in the hiker box.  Inside the bag, were pop

tarts, a couple of granola bars, and a bag of trail mix.  I was pleasantly surprised,  I thought he had eaten everything.  

So, first we took the pop tarts and granola bars and placed them on a tortilla.  Next we took another tortilla spread with peanut butter and nutella on it, and then made it into quesedilla type thing for a total of 1,500 calories.  David dubbed it the Super Wrap.

After lunch, we passed Tahoe and Rain.  They asked us if we were planning on going into Pearisburg tomorrow.  We confirmed that we were and they asked if we wanted to split a load of wash at the local laundry mat.  So, we made plans to meet up with them in Pearisburg tomorrow.

At the shelter this evening, we met Hard Core Par Core.  He was playing the guitar, practicing for when he goes into Pearisburg.  He plans on playing on the street, to raise money to support his expedition on the trail.  Thank you again to those who have been generously supporting my expedition on the trail.  I am having a blast!

24.0 miles

Jenkins Shelter to Docs Knob Shelter 

Location: Latitude: 37.26989, Longitude: -80.83620