Day 35...the Simple Life


We awoke to see that most of the Neanderthals had the same tent as us, the ultralight Zpack Duplex. As we were filling up our water, Rain and Tahoe got up and left the shelter a few minutes before us.  


This morning, as we started hiking, it was very warm and humid. Just before noon, it rained hard on us for about 30 minutes.  We could see the rain clouds moving over the mountain towards us, but we could also see blue sky on the other side of the clouds.  It stopped raining, just as we arrived at the store where we were planning on buying a couple days worth of food.


On the way back to the trail, we met a man who was working on a power line. His job was to move cones out of the way for trucks going to the power lines and then to move the cones back after the trucks had passed, and that was it.  He said he liked the job, that it was relaxing. He told me that he had a run-in with a safety inspector who got mad at him for not wearing saftey glasses, even though he was only moving cones back and forth. He pointed out to the safety inspector, that in the State of Virginia, the state requires a minimum Class Four high visibility jacket. And he continued, that she (the safety inspector) was not wearing it.  So she called it even, and left him to move his cones around.

We continued hiking and got to a stretch of the trail where there wasn't any water for 9 miles. We were completely out of water by the time we arrived at the shelter.  When we got there, the sky opened up again and it poured for a solid hour and a half making it next to impossible to get water, without also getting soaked to the bone. Rain and Tahoe had arrived at shelter about 15 minutes before I did. They were thinking about going to a campsite about 2 miles further down the trail. But after the rain, they decided to just spend the night there.

Miles 23.2

Jenkins Shelter to Jenny's Knob Shelter

Location: Latitude: 37.15500,
Longitude: -80.98007