Day Three on the Trail...Blood Mountain


Today we got up before the sun did at 5:30 am. When you are staying in a shelter it is hard to get packed up quietly enough so that you don't wake anyone else up. By the time we were ready to hit the trail, it was 6:00 am. 

It was a very tough day hiking, a total of 17 miles including over the peak of a mountain called Blood Mountain. Hiking Blood Mountain itself was not hard, but there were about 5 foothills that were not fun at all. It was really warm, high 80's and sunny compared to yesterday when it was 70s and overcast. 

We ran into Chief (who we meet on the first day) at Neal’s Gap. He told us about how he had tried to stay in Suches, GA, the Valley above the Clouds.

The previous night, it turned out the hostel Chief wanted to stay at was no longer there.   As he about to retrace his steps for 2 miles, someone stopped him and told him that there was a biker hostel he should check out.  It turned out that it was the ‘friendly’ type of bikers so everything was okay.

We played a game of leap frog with an older lady all day.  Unfortunately, we forgot to ask her name. She stopped for the night about a mile before us. 

Kate was craving mashed potatoes because the carbs make her happy.  We were already planning on making stuffing with chicken and craisins. So we went a little crazy and made a HUGE dinner, more than enough for 4 people.  Luckily, there were a couple of people staying in the camp site next to us, Ghost and John.  They came over and John had some of our leftovers which worked out great. The AT is so cool.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day.

Steps: 47,512

Miles: 17.0

Location: Latitude: 34.73246 Longitude: -83.9076