Day 34...Trail Food

Today’s hike was long, even through we only traveled 22.3 miles.  For the most of the day, we were hiking uphill.  We stopped at a shelter a little less than halfway for lunch.  Here, I had the chance to call Kate.  She is working at Philmont Scout Ranch as a backpack guide this summer and is having a blast. 

At the shelter, we ran into Rain and Tahoe again.  They had stayed at the same campsite we did last night. There we also met I Don't Know, Happy, and Canary. For lunch, we had a wonderful meal of tortilla wraps.  My wrap included peanut butter, nutella, ritz crackers, a granola bar and Cheetos.  It was pretty good.

When we arrived at the shelter we were going to stay at for the night, we met the Neanderthals, a trail family of 8. They each had walkie talkies. So we heard their group way before we saw them. Many of them had baconators from Wendy's. They were planning on hiking to the next camp site after eating. But after dinner and a smoke, they decided to camp at the shelter instead. 

Before we went to bed, we talked about Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts and the fun times we had. We talked about pinewood derbies and how David, our friend Jeremy, and I all made wedges that looked like cheese and we swept the competition.

Miles 22.3

VA 42 to Jenkins Shelter