Day 31...Wild Horses

Today, while hiking through the Grayson Highlands, we saw a couple of herds of wild ponies with baby foals.  This area of the Appalachian Trail is famous for its wild horses.

The Highlands were super busy with many people out enjoying the beautiful mountain area. Most were backpackers, but there were a good amount of day hikers as well. We stopped for lunch at a shelter and there were at least 20 people at the shelter, most of whom were Boy Scouts. For us, all that activity is a very unusual sight.

It has been great the last 2 days, we have hiked past parking lots with restrooms in them.

I don't think we have run into any thru hikers today. David is not technically a thru hiker, he is a section hiker. A really big section hiker from mile 396 to mile 2,186.

Except for the beautiful views, nothing really happened today. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.

Miles: 20.1

Whitetail Mountain to Fox Creek Campsite

Location: Latitude: 36.69602, Longitude: -81.50606