Day 18...Only 1,972 miles!


On the trail again...only 1,972 miles to go!

I woke up at around 6 am so I could pack up everything, get a shower, and eat breakfast before 8 am. My Mimi, Papa and Aunt Sue (the same aunt I had stayed with at the start of the expedition) were packing up to go to Uncle Jim's.  When they left, Bandit their little puppy, was so sad.

Uncle Dan drove me back to New Found Gap where I had come off of the trail three days earlier.  I had really enjoyed my off days, but I was ready to get back on the trail.
Today on the trail, there was only a little rain and most of it was when I was in the shelter. I also saw a deer on the trail, it was just standing there looking at me for the longest time until it slowly walked into the woods. No bears yet.

After arriving at Peck's Corner Shelter,  I met a group of Boy Scouts, who were a lot of fun to be around.  Also at the shelter, I met Neo, Turtle, and Brad. Brad was a Ranger at Philmont last summer. It was great to talk to someone who had both worked at Philmont Scout Ranch, and also had like me, completed a Rayado Trek. We traded favorites stories about our Philmont adventures. 

Miles: 10.3 

New Found Gap to Peck's Corner Shelter