Day 16,17...Zero Day

Today was my second Zero Day. 


Yesterday, we played disc golf, which Is my favorite thing to do. We went to the Clayton Homes disc golf course.  It is one of the nicest courses I have ever played.  After that we stopped by REI to get Kate a new pair of hiking boots before we dropping her off at the airport to go to Philmont. 

Last night around 10 o'clock a thunderstorm rolled through Knoxville and it was super windy. It was a short, very violent storm.  I heard a big crack of thunder and when I got up to use the bathroom a few minutes later, the power was out. The power was out until about 6:45 am , so a total of about 8 hours. I am glad I was inside and not camping in a tent. 

It turned out that many trees in the neighborhood were damaged in the  storm inculding one of the trees in Uncle Dan and Aunt Laura's front yard. Tyler and I took a tour of the neighborhood to see the damage.  We cleaned up branches in the streeet for about 2 hours, until Papa came and reminded me that I had to buy groceries. 

After lunch we (Papa, Uncle Dan and I) went to the grocery store to restock on backpacking meals.  Later in the afternoon near dinner time, Aunt Sue arrived.  She, Mimi and Papa, are going to my Uncle Jim's in Williamsburg, Virginia for the week. 

For dinner, we had a wonderful feast of ham, potatoes, layer salad, and green beans. It was a fantastic meal, which I will really miss on the trail. When we were done with dinner, we broke out the cards and played liver pool rummy until late that night.  

And we finished the day with a final dip in the hot tub.

Tomorrow morning I hit the trail. I am looking forward to getting back to hiking, but I have really enjoyed my time here.

Knoxville, TN

Miles: 0