Day 13...Lake Fontana

Blog by Kate

This morning, Matthew and I got up and hiked 6 miles to the Fontana Dam Shelter, aka the Fontana Hilton. Matthew waited out a large thunderstorm before continuing onto Mollies Ridge Shelter in Smokey Mountain National Park.   I stayed behind to let my body heal before I head out to Philmont. "Just John" and I caught a shuttle and went in to town to get food. I had the most delicious veggie pizza I think I've ever had!

During dinner, two trail names were born, "Sharp Turn" and "Pepper".  "Sharp Turn" because one of the girls was hiking on the road and was so used to hiking switch backs, that she turned so sharply, lost her balance, and fell.  And "Pepper", because "Just John" dumped a half of the pepper in his ketchup ate it with fries, then dumped in even more.  

Others at the shelter include a German named "Grams" and "Dirty Dave".  "Janga" was nice and he gave me a tube of neasporin for an infected toe and a bag of Doritos. After dark, some cool people from Houston, TX arrived at the shelter and said they hike a bit of the Appalachian Trail each year. "MegaMan" and "Jazz" were their names.