Day 12...Rain and more rain

Blog Post by Kate

Ok, so imagine someone dumping a bucket of water over your head.  Now picture someone following you around with a constant flow of that much water. That is what it felt like for most of the day.

We started off early and it wasn't long before it started to rain and we were soaked even with rain gear. The forest was transformed into a rain forest with clouds that made it look like you were trying to see though a foggy wind shield. We hiked over mountain "Too steep" and "Mount Perfect View" which wasn't quite accurate because it was so foggy.  The view looked like a white wall. 

At lunch, we took a break and had a good call with Mom for her birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!

When we arrived at our planned campsite, the tent sites where under water.  We decided to hike on to the next shelter making this the longest hike of the trip.  

When we got to the shelter, there was a lot of debris in the fire pit.  Still, Matthew and "Just Daniel" wanted to make a fire, which was hard because the wood had been soaking in rain water all day - but they somehow managed to get a fire going!  A little light at the end of a very tough day.

62,763 steps 

Miles 21.7

Location: Latitude: 35.41778, Longitude: -83.77936