Day Ten...How high's the water Mama?

We woke up in our tent around 6:30 a.m., after a not so great night sleep due the to constant heavy rain.  We knew though, that we had to get moving and pack everything up, even though most of our gear was really wet. Let me tell you, there is no such thing as waterproof, only water resistant - kinda.

We had set up camp about 75 yards from the road, at a place called Winding Stair Gap. So all we had to do was walk down and hitch a ride into Franklin, NC; about 12 miles east. Turned out to be easier than we thought, because within 15 minutes of standing there, a very nice couple, Linda and Bob, who had spent the weekend camping were heading back into town. 


For the rest of the morning, we went grocery shopping and getting some other items we needed. When we were almost finished shopping, one of the managers at the Ingles Grocery Store offered us a ride back to the Gap. He told us that whenever we were ready, to just find him and he would take us back up to the trail.  We quickly took him up on his offer and got back to the trail around 12:00 noon.  Just in case you forgot, this whole time, it still pouring down rain. We were really thankful for his generousity.

Kate and I were able to get 12.5 miles of hiking in today, even though we didn't start until after lunch.  When you are hiking in the rain, everything gets wet. By the time it had finally stopped raining, around 3:00 in the afternoon, there was only a very small part of me that was not yet totally drenched.

When we arrived at the shelter we were staying for the night, we met a group of people that were hiking together. Their names were Dirty Trever, Lawman, and Hobble. They were a pretty fun group of guys. Most of them were in college still, but Lawman is from Austin Tx.

Dirty Trever gave me my trail name - "The Kid". I like it a lot, I think the reason why is because I am still a kid. When he said The Kid, I immediately thought of Billy The Kid, the famous outlaw, and I liked that.

Miles: 12.5 

Steps: unknown

Location: Latitude: 35.18786, Longitude: -83.56225