Day Seven...One week on the Trail


We got out of camp pretty early and I instantly felt like I was dying. The day was very humid for the first 4 miles of the hike,  but finally the clouds broke and a nice refreshing breeze came through.  The hiking was very tough and I started naming naming hills after climbing over them.  We climbed over "could have been worse", "mount kills a lot" and many others.  We pushed lunch till we were 0.9 miles away from the shelter we were staying.

When we arrived at the shelter, we meet a bunch of cool guys from a collegiate ministry.  Each year they backpack the Appalachian Trail. And each year they start up where they left off on the trail last year.  Their mission is to take students out into God's creation for one week.  The goal is to help keep the students from drifting away from their faith over the summer.

One of the leaders said that if he had a son, he would want him to be just like Matthew.

We were joined by Chief and another hiker with a dog named Willow. Willow is pictured above on my sleeping bag, feeling just like me - dog tired.

Miles: 11.8

Steps: 37,000