Day Six...Rejuvenation

Today we knew that as long as we hiked at least 7 miles, we would be ahead of schedule - which was a very nice feeling. When we got up in the morning we decided that we would hike a mile past the Top of Georgia Hostel. 

For lunch we had a block of cheese and stick of pepperoni, which caused a lot of gas. After lunch got to the Top of Georgia Hostel, where we were planning on just taking showers (for the first time in 6 days) and doing a load of laundry. But Kate decided that we were going to spend the night there. 


It was extremly nice to take a shower and get the dirt off. The hostel provided scrubs for us to wear while they did our laundry. 
At some point last night, I tried unzipping my sleeping bag and my zipper got stuck on the fabric inside my sleeping bag.  Being half asleep at the time,  I tried to fix it by pulling harder. This caused a lot more problems than it solved. I thought that I broke the zipper, but Chief was able to fix it.  It turned out that Chief was also staying at the same hostel. He was able to help me get my sleeping bag zipper unstuck. 

I saw this sign today that represents thru - hiking the AT pretty well.

Miles 11.8

Steps 35,511

Location: Latitude: 34.91926, Longitude -83.62546