Day Four....This is tough

Today was our longest day so far.  We backpacked 17.7 miles.   Since we did two long days back to back, we really didn't run into many familar faces today on the trail.

Hiking wasn't too bad, because we were walking on the ridge line for most of the way.  It was just the last 2 or so miles that killed you, being steep and rocky.  Ghost and John from last night are staying at the same shelter we are, the blue mountain shelter. 

When John came into camp he dramatically unrolled his sleeping mat on the ground, flopped down and just laid there on his belly, exhausted.

Tomorrow should be an interesting day, we have to go hike into town to buy food for the first time. Kate and I are both craving vegetables; "you know it's bad when Matthew wants a salad."   We plan on buying salads at the store so we will feel a little better about our diet. 

Steps: 50,373 

Mileage: 17.7

Location: Latitude: 34.81726, Longitude: -83.76675