Day Two on the Trail...Into the Mist


This morning, we started from Hawk Mountain Shelter and hiked over Sassafras Mountain.  The only sound we heard was ‘just us’ after we made it over Justus Mountain. We made it to our destination of Gooch Shelter by noon to spend the night and rest for our first long hike tomorrow.

Today, we met a man whose trail name is Sloe Rollin.  He is an elderly man who packs simply.  He is using two emergency foil safety blankets as a sleeping bag and apparently packed no rain gear whatsoever. His only trail food is cereal.

We also ran into a brother and sister hiking together who stayed in the same shelter we did the first night.

Mileage: 7.8 

Steps: 24,000

Location: Longitude: 34.65559, Longitude: -84.05020